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Tall Corn Ethanol, LLC

Trading Status: Inactive
Web Site: www.POET.com
SEC Filing(s): No
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The Trading system for Tall Corn Ethanol, LLC, has been suspended until further notice. If you have any questions, contact Jenny Kay with POET Investor Relations at (605) 956-2200.

POET Biorefining, located just outside of Coon Rapids, Iowa, is a 54 million gallon per year producer of fuel grade ethanol. This value-added project represents a $55 million dollar investment of farmer-owners. We began operations in August of 2002. 

Value-added processing of corn products is an important key to expanding the market potential for Iowa corn. Ethanol reduces foreign oil imports, improves air quality, creates rural American jobs, boosts local economies, and improves corn producer profitability.

POET Biorefining - Coon Rapids, designed and built by POET Design & Construction, is one of the most energy-efficient, labor-efficient, and microbiologically-efficient ethanol production facilities in the U.S. We have over 450 producer and non-producer investors.
Unit Transfer Support Documents 
Tall Corn Ethanol Unit Transfer Application.pdf
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