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Frequently Asked Questions

(F.A.Q. content represents common functionality of the Alternative Trading System (ATS). Please refer to each company's operations manual for company and share specific ATS support rules and definitions.)

1. What is the advantage of buying or selling shares on AgStockTrade.com? 
The greatest advantage is worldwide exposure to a new market that will allow your shares to sell quickly thanks to a contract with your management. Other advantages include:
    • Convenience - Available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 day a year.
    • Knowledge of Your Status - You know exactly what is happening with your shares at all times - no need to call to 'check' on your trading status.
    • Security - You have the comfort of knowing that the registered broker and broker-dealer, Variable Investment Advisors, Inc., is handling your transaction with the Qualified Matching rules of the IRS, and a Bank Escrow Service is handling your money.
    • Reserve Price – You are able place a reserve price on your shares to insure that they will never be matched for a price lower than what you want, with the realistic possibility of getting more than your asking price because we operate the Trading System as an auction, giving the highest buyer’s bid price to the most willing seller every day.
    • Top Dollar - You will receive the highest market value available since the trading system matches the most willing Seller's (Asked Price) with the most willing Buyer's (Bid Price).
    • No Advertising - Eliminates the need for buyers to place ads to sell, look at classified ads to buy shares, or search the local area to buy or sell shares.
    • No Calls - Eliminates the need for Sellers to wait by their phone for a call from classifieds ads.
    • Anonymous bidding – All buyers and sellers are anonymous to the market, meaning they will never have to deal with each other. 
    • No Posting Costs - Sellers and Buyers pay nothing to list an offer or to remove an offer.  We get paid only when a match occurs.

2. How will I know when I have bought or sold shares? 
An E-mail will be sent to both the Buyer and Seller from AgStockTrade.com Member Services within seconds of a match at 5:00 PM CST, when a trading match occurs.

3. If I buy shares on AgStockTrade.com, what do I have to do to finalize the transaction? 
You must print and sign your contract and send the total cost of the purchase to the Escrow Service, and wait for Board approval. 

4. What happens if a match is found, and I decide not to buy/sell the shares? 
Most of the companies using AgStockTrade.com use the Qualified Matching Program Rules designed by the IRS. The matching rules require that shares be sold with a non-binding contract. Until AgStockTrade.com or the Transfer Agent has received the signed contracts from both parties - Seller and Buyer, there is no binding agreement until this is completed.

5. If I place shares for sale and no buyer is found, can I post the shares again somewhere else? 
Once the expiration date is reached for your offer (all Sellers have an expiration date on their offers), you are free to re-list the shares on AgStockTrade.com in accordance with the company operational guidelines.

6. Can I place shares for sale at AgStockTrade.com and with another broker-dealer or classified ad at the same time? 
No. If you have shares offered for sale on AgStockTrade.com, you agree not to list your shares with another broker-dealer or in a classified ad at the same time. Each company has a signed Seller agreement restricting the Seller from attempting to sell any company’s shares owned by the Seller anywhere else but AgStockTrade.com for the time period the Seller's shares offer appears on AgStockTrade.com. This protocol is necessary to prevent the shares from being sold to one Buyer on AgStockTrade.com and another Buyer from another sales channel at the same time.

7. If I place a bid to buy shares on AgStockTrade.com and it matches with a sales offer, can I change my bid?
No. Once a Seller's offer has been matched with a Buyer's bid, it is too late to change the bid. The transaction match has been made and AgStockTrade.com begins the process of completing the transaction. So make sure you don't place a bid unless you are serious about buying or selling at your posting price.

8. Will my shares sell at my asking price if a buyer bids above it? 
Shares will only be sold if the Buyer's bid is equal to or greater than your asking price and you will always receive the highest Buyer's bid for your shares.

East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC
Garnett, KS
Glacial Lakes Corn Processors
Watertown, SD
Golden Grain Energy, LLC
Mason City, IA
Homeland Energy Solutions, LLC.
Lawler, IA
Iowa Renewable Energy
Washington, IA
Lake Area Corn Processors, LLC
Wentworth, SD
Sioux Falls, SD
Redfield Energy, LLC
Redfield, SD
Ringneck Energy, LLC
Onida, SD
South Dakota Soybean Processors, LLC
Volga, SD
U.S. Premium Beef, LLC
Kansas City, MO
Western Dubuque Biodiesel, LLC
Farley, IA
Western Plains Energy, LLC
Oakley, KS
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